Using rakudo-pkg for testing upstream Rakudo

Pre-compiled OS packages for Rakudo

Using rakudo-pkg for testing upstream Rakudo

This repo can be used to test the upstream MoarVM/NQP/Rakudo and zef releases. In order to do this fork this repo, go to Actions and enable the devbuild action.

Enabled action

You can run the devbuild action by clicking on Run workflow where you can customise the build and give a version for MoarVM, NQP, Rakudo and zef (HEAD, a tag or a commit) and the configure command for MOARVM, NQP and Rakudo. You can also supply a command to e.g. make changes to the source files and add environment variables to the build system. You can also change the branch if needed (e.g. a work-in-progress test setup).

devbuild workflow

Tests are run in verbose mode. If the build process produces corefiles, you’ll find them as a zipped artifact below the run workflow.

Don’t forget to update your fork regularly, so new OS releases are added to the actions and/or functionality added to the flow:

git remote add upstream
git pull upstream master