Install the Zef Module Manager

Pre-compiled OS packages for Rakudo

Install the Zef Module Manager

Rakudo takes a different approach than many other languages (including Perl): modules are by default installed in the home directory of the user. Accordingly, a script is supplied to install zef this way.


Zef will be installed to ~/.raku/bin/zef and modules will reside in ~/.raku. These instructions are also applicable for the root user.

If you update the package, running the script again will upgrade zef if a new version was available when the new package was released. Alternatively, you can upgrade zef through zef:

zef upgrade zef

If you run a minimalistic system like a container, you can install modules with the bundled zef installation in /opt/rakudo-pkg/bin/zef-as-root, e.g.:

/opt/rakudo-pkg/bin/zef-as-root install SuperMAIN